The trend of renting an exotic or luxury car continues to rise. More people are turning to luxury and exotic car rentals in Boston to rent exotic cars that they normally can or can not afford to purchase. Everyone has their personal reasons for getting a luxury car, yet the feeling of relief of not having to pay much attention to its maintenance is mutual for all.
The domestic destinations to which one can travel by luxury car are many. And when opting for exotic car rentals Boston, the options available to you are overwhelmingly plenty. Many luxury rental car companies, however, do not have a surplus amount of luxury cars at their disposal all the time. When the vacation season comes, people from across the town are looking to book a luxury car to take on trips or to simply enjoy the feel of it. During this time, the range of models of different luxury car brands become fairly limited too. For this reason, while booking, it is best that you divide your attention towards various luxury and supercar rentals to keep an eye out for your favorite luxury car.
Once you get your hands on your favorite exotic car, there is a bigger issue ahead for you to tackle: luxury rental car insurance. Many inquire regarding the insurance of a rental car for the right reasons and to assist them, here’s a breakdown of a few common situations that might come in handy to you.

Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

First off, in order to obtain complete peace of mind, luxury rental car insurance must be amongst the first few things you must consider. Many clients wonder if they are going to need rental car insurance that will cover any damage that may occur. Rental companies will likely try to bomb you with plenty of insurance options right off the bat and you might wonder if you need them all. The frustration and confusion around the matter are fairly common and, in this article, you will learn everything you need to know about rental car insurance.
Here are answers to a few specific questions that many have in mind.
Is It Necessary To Get Luxury Rental Car Insurance When I Already Have A Car Insurance?
The short answer to the question is, yes, you do need rental car insurance despite having a car insurance. Although you and your peers may recognize you as a good driver, most of the time accidents are unpredictable and inevitable. A meager accident will likely give you an increment of 34% by your auto insurance company. Luxury rental car insurance will spare you from these spikes and will cover the costs of the damage that occurred to the luxury car.

What Will The Rental Car Insurance Cover?

In case of an accident, the maximum coverage made by the supercar rental car insurance will be the Collision Waiver Damage. If you have been injured in an accident the medical fees, death benefits and ambulance transportation is to be covered by the Personal Accident Insurance of the passenger and the driver. Personal Effect Coverage will cover the loss in case of theft.

Will My Car Insurance Cover For Me Abroad?

Your car insurance will likely cover you if near the border, that is Canada or Mexico. However, it is unlikely that they will cover the cost of it over overseas where the traffic regulations are fairly different. in fact, you are advised not to drive overseas since there are a million different reasons why you can encounter an accident. Difficulty translating road signs, figuring out emergency brakes, or local traffic regulations can all have you amidst a very nasty situation you do not want to get into. However, getting local car rental insurance where you plan on driving will likely cover the damage.

What Happens If I Don’t Get Luxury Car Rental Insurance?

Suppose you don’t get luxury car rental insurance and no damage is caused to the car, and you are basically good to go without having to face any consequences. However, if there is damage caused to the car, without your insured, the best-case scenario would likely be you handing over the amount for the damage. Worst case scenario would be you facing civil litigations, penalties, loss of license, fines, or worse, jail time.
Besides all this, you will certainly not find it easy to rent a luxury car from another or the same rental company again. The golden rule to avoid getting into such a mess is to always inquire and never assume. Always ask your rental agency beforehand about their insurance policies to less complicate things.


Purchasing a luxury car has its own set of numerous benefits. However, not everyone has the kind of money to be able to afford one. this is where west coast luxury rental in Boston seeks to help you live out your dreams of driving a luxury car. But there’s a catch to it. luxury car rental insurance is crucial or you are going to have to pay a considerable amount of damage fee and have to face other charges against you. All in all, it is a messy situation. From Ferrari rentals to Rolls Royce rentals to Lamborghini rentals, every luxury car rental company would have you cover for the damage. Through west coast luxury rentals in Boston, you can learn about all the luxury car insurance plans you need to consider before renting an exotic car. Getting luxury car insurance will spare you the trouble of having to pay hefty fines for the damage you may or may not be responsible for. Other than that, you can enjoy the thrill of luxury and exotic car rentals to their fullest capacity as any minor or major damage will be covered by the luxury car insurance company. Despite everything, whether you choose or not choose to get luxury car insurance the cost of life is priceless and reckless driving must be avoided at all costs.